About Wild Bill's

Wild Bill’s is a locally owned and operated event company dedicated to serving the community with top notch events and exceptional customer service. Founded in 1982 by Rick Walker, Wild Bill’s was born out of his passion for casino parties. This passion helped build Wild Bill’s to what we are today. Rick has since retired to travel the world with his family, but not before passing on his knowledge to the new owners Casey and Jesse Zegar. We have combined our event production experience with Rick to bring you the new and improved Wild Bill’s. The entire Wild Bill’s team has stayed with the company through the transition to bring you the most experienced and qualified event company around. 

Our goal is to provide exceptional service to the community while paying a living wage to all our employees. Much of our team is high school and college students who come back year after year to learn the skills and leadership that they can take with them throughout their life. This is very important to us to create a strong next generation. We also have a lot of retirees that continue working part time because they love what we do and have the chance to pass down their knowledge to the younger employees. Wild Bill’s has many full time workers as well as hundreds of part time employees. One thing is for sure though, we are all one big family! The Wild Bills family!